Kamis, 20 April 2017

Week 5: TUTORIAL: How to wear Hijab with simple and easy.



Hello… meet again with me. At times I will discuss the topic of   ”TUTORIAL: How to wear Hijab with simple and easy”.
All right, How to wear a veil in terms of four simpel and easy, following these steps:
1.      Previously, you should have prepared a fashion hijab shawl which has been selected in accordance with the tastes that will be used and  takin his ninja to make it look harmonious according to the motive and colors.
2.      After using the lining inside, please wear hijab shawl the.
3.      Then make the position of the hood on the left side is shorter than the position of the right, while the position of the right longer than the left position.
4.      Then cross back to the right position to left, furthermore the parts left in the save in the top of the head and pinned. While the right part is also stored above the head with the crossbones, but loosened so that there is no decorations.
5.      The last step with adding a brooch to add a beatiful appearance, but it can also brooch in wear before the hijab worn.
Maybe here I can discuss about the topic this time.

See You


Sabtu, 01 April 2017

Week 4 : Ask an Expert.


Name: Anita

                              Nim: F1031161063    

Hello guys… We meet again, but to discuss the topic is defferent again. This time I will discuss the topic of  “Ask an expert”.
Go to the topic which I will discuss, in this topic I will interview my aunt who has a special ability or special skills.
My aunt has a special skills in baking the tarts, I`ve been wondering about his skills. I have to ask him that:
·         Since when did aunt learn to make a cake?
 Already a long time of learning, and now can try yourself. Even I had dared to accept orders!
·         To whom shall learn to make a cake?
I taught myself, with continue to try. Although always wrong I never never give up, by the end you could by itself. Although not as luxurious and as good as the tarts are sold in stores!
·         How much is a tarts that aunt sell?
Depending of the booking, I usually sell it about sixty thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand.
Only this that I can say on the discussion about the interview someone who has skills.

See you with the next topic.
Thank you


Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

My Story


Hi… How are you all?. Meet with me again, this time I will inform you about what I did on Tuesday, 21-march-2017.

That time I and some of our friends class B sitting in front of a sub-section of students. We are waiting for a friend who mostly go to the corner. It`s been almost a hour we wait, finally there is a saying space corner that we often use every day Tuesday could not be used, because there are guests. So we wait again around half an hour, they reported again that we are all together in the bottom corner first. So we all gathered there waiting for news from miss Dini, Eva contact miss Dini. He said the word miss Dini this day we will study in the British culture and learning center (BCLC). So we all go there, and to get there we fill aout the guest book. Miss Dini sent to the theater for those who already fill the guest book. Once everything is entered DHK collected in front of the.

Next, miss Dini told us to read children`s story books in British culture and learning center (BCLC). After reading it miss Dini direct look on the bright side that there is from the point of view of the story book. Miss Dini said actually we were told to read a book in the corner, but in respect of corner wear, so miss Dini asked that we read books in British culture and learning center (BCLC).    

Next, our out take and read story books, and after that we take wisdom from the book of the story. And some of the things I get wisdom from the book of stories I read that :
1.      Should not be human being so arrogant. Why?, because of the attitude of arrogant hated people. A better life that being friends should not be arrogant.

2.      Man it must be helping other people who are experiencing distress, although it is the enemy himself.  The reason we are to help each other, because someday we will also require the help of others also, please help will create harmony, and strengthen the ties of brotherhood.

Next, after we all finished taking a lesson from the book of the story, we enter the room again. Miss Dini ask us to tell the experienced us the time of day is this Tuesday so we entered in British culture and learning center (BCLC), and also told about that we get wisdom from children`s story books. After that post it to our blog each. Miss Dini also said if you can do the task as soon as possible and do not procrastinate time.

Next, we all out of the room, we go back to college again to study course furthermore.
This is a story that I have experienced the lesson time miss Dini on Tuesday, 21-march-2017.

See you another time again !!!

Sabtu, 18 Maret 2017

Week 3 : I can`t imagine life without


Hello… we meet again. This time I will discuss about “I can`t imagine life without educatian”.

What world without an education?  It`s so cruel once, surely we can imagine at a glance, how the fate of this world without educatian.

When people are not educated, then he just took benefits without considering the impact of what will happen afterwards. Surely you know about the burning of the forest? how is the effect? It can happen flood, smoking everywhere, and others. So education was not only put forward the clever intellectual. But, for my education it was to see the intelligence, behavior, deity, morality and consequences. So the five mentioned here that need to be applied a person who has education.

There is someone who is learning and exploring the science of religion in an institution renowned, when the test value can be said to be perfect. Tragically, after noting her daily life she is often denied the command of his parents, worship also sometimes, then we dare say he is not an educated person. Again, notice the five kinds already mentioned above earlier.

Until here the discussion about “I can`t imagine life without education.


Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

Week 2 : My Skill


            Just direct me discuss about my skills. I have skills in the field of paint, I have though my painting is not as beautiful as, as well, and that good painting people out there. And skills to paint me in the field of Khatil Qur`an or often called with calligraphy, but I can only be the basis of the calligraphy course. Yet can paint calligraphy as good as the people out there.

I learned calligraphy time the elementari school class five. And have to follow the calligrapy contest is already four times, namely the subdistrict, and district. Although only two champion in the district and the third winner in the subdistrict I do not be discouraged, because it has not been my sustenance to get the first prize.

I also have the skills to make flowers from plastic and brooche created on flannel fabric. In these skills I got a champion two in to enliven the bazaar in anniversary islam high school ASY-SYURA.
The essence of the above, I have the skill only three, namely in the field of calligraphy make a flower out of plastic, and the brooch is created on flannel fabric.


Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

Harry Potter

1.  Write your name, NIM, study major, and Class (Example: Annida, F12105077, FKIP English,     Class A)
Ø  Answer :(Anita, F1031161063, FKIP PDE, Class B)

2.     What is Harry Potter?
Ø  Answer : Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling.

3.      How many best friends does Harry Potter have? Mention their name.
Ø  Answer : The novels chronicle the life of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main story arc concerns Harry's struggle against Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who intends to become immortal, overthrow the wizard governing body known as the Ministry of Magic, and subjugate all wizards and Muggles, a reference term that means non magical people.

4.     What happened on June 30, 1997?
Ø  Answer : on 30 June 1997, the books have found immense popularity, critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide. The series has now been translated into multiple languages including French, Irish, Spanish, German and Swedish to name a few. They have attracted a wide adult audience as well as younger readers, and are often considered cornerstones of modern young adult literature. The series has also had its share of criticism, including concern about the increasingly dark tone as the series progressed, as well as the often gruesome and graphic violence it depicts.

5.     According to Rowling, what is the main theme of Harry Potter?
Ø  Answer:  According to Rowling, a major theme in the series is death: "My books are largely about death. They open with the death of Harry's parents. There is Voldemort's obsession with conquering death and his quest for immortality at any price, the goal of anyone with magic. I so understand why Voldemort wants to conquer death. We're all frightened of it."

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Profession of an economist

Our Grup :
·     Anita : F1031161063
·     Thiara sati apriliya : F1031161053
·      Riya irawan : F1031161078

1.      Vocabulary
§  Paragraph 1
a.       Ways : cara
b.      Resources : sumber penghasilan
c.       Labor : tenaga kerja
d.      Factories : pabrik-pabrik
e.       Effort : usaha / upaya
f.       Unlimited : tak terbatas
g.      Wants : ingin
h.      Conserned : prihatin
i.        Goods : barang-barang
j.        Satisfaction : kepuasan (hati)
k.      Collect : mengumpulkan
l.        Osts : biaya
m.    Benefits : manfaat
n.      Various : berbagai

§  Paragraph 2
a.       Engage : ikut serta
b.      Theoretical : teoritis
c.       Variety : variasi
d.      Half : setengah
e.       Wears : memakai
f.       Analyst : analis

§  Paragraph 3
a.       Tax : pajak
b.      Interest : minat
c.       Gains : laba
d.      Entrepreneurs : pengusaha

§  Paragraph 4 
a.       Existence : ada
b.      Assured : percaya / yakin
c.       Weekly : mingguan
d.       Paychecks : cek upah / gaji
e.       Fringe : pinggir
f.       Risks : resiko
g.      Profit : keuntungan
h.      Throught : melalui
i.        Risk talking : mengambil resiko
j.        While : saat
k.       Growth : pertumbuhan
l.        Measured : telah diperhitungkan
m.    Increase : pertambahan

§  Paragraph 5
a.       Rather : agak
b.      Opt : memilih
c.       Wits : kecerdasan
d.      Rich : kaya
e.       Washington : kota besar
f.       Addictiveness : kecanduan
g.      Else : lain

2.      Exercise 1
1.    I've check the documentation and everything is in order.
2.   Inflation has not gone away but it is under control.
3.   We constantly control the situation and if anything goes wrong we take action immediately.
4.   We apologize for the delay which is due to reasons beyond our monitor.
5.    Economists check prices, compute total output and perform other useful tasks.

3.      Exercise 2
1.      Costs : (B) expenses , outlay
2.      Monitor : (C) control , manage
3.      Flair : (D) skill , talent , inclination
4.      Entrepreneur : (E) employer
5.      Forecast : (H) prediction
6.      Provide : (G) place of work
7.      Job-setting : (F) responsible
8.      Liable : (A) supply, equip, outfit

4.      Exercise 3
1.     Qualify means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.     An entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business deals.
3.     A tycoon is a person who is succesfull in business and so has become rich and powerful.
4.     The industry will have to pass its incrased benefits or fringe benefits on to the consumer.
5.      The management will costs accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.
6.      He has always been self-employed for his children.
7.      The entrepreneurial of the job include a car and free health insurance.
8.      He won't provide as an economist until next year.
9.   An individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial costs or talent.
10.  Unfortunately qualify of higher profits did not come true.

11.  Economists are concerned with the production, distribution and consumption.